Designscapes is Los Angeles based Interior Plantscaping firm founded in 1982 by Regina Heller.

Designscapes specializes in providing high-end plants, customized orchid arrangements, and Holiday decorations to businesses and private homes all over Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley.

We’re plant and design experts. From selecting plants that will flourish in the growing conditions of each location to creating innovative, fresh and colorful floor plans, Designscapes is your one stop shop for all things plants.

Plant Experts

The long term costs and beauty of your plantscapes depend on how well they’re planned from the start. We are specialists who know:

  • Which plants will thrive in dim corners
  • Which plants won’t be damaged by drafts, low humidity, temperature fluctuations and normal traffic
  • Which seasonal’s require the same maintenance as your annuals

Design Experts

Our plantscapes work for your floor plans. As designers we use plants as attractive space organizers to:

  • Direct traffic
  • Replace partitions or walls
  • Purify the air
  • Absorb sound and create privacy